International Association for
the Advancement of
Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property

Established in 1981 - Meetings held annually

2016-06-26 - The ATRIP 2016 Congress - Krakow (Poland)
Intellectual Property as Functional Pluralism: The Parameters, Challenges and Opportunities of Variation

2015-10-30 - Essay Competition 2015
ATRIP essay competition for young researchers in intellectual property. The closing date for entries is 30 November 2015.

2015-09-27 - CALL FOR PAPERS: The ATRIP 2015 Congress - Cape Town
Intellectual property in action in society: new perspectives from the North, the South and the cloud

2015-02-05 - Essay Competition 2014
Annoncement of winners.

2014-07-06 - The ATRIP 2014 Congress - Montpellier
Intellectual Property Perspectives on the Regulation of New Techonologies